Supply Chain/Distribution

The TriCore owners and staff have completed over 35 Million S.F. of distribution centers and warehouses in 12 different states across the country. Our staff has consistently created new cutting edge ways to build a quality distribution facility product in a short amount of time. TriCore is proud to say that we have now poured over 1.8 Million SF of Ductilcrete slabs in these facilities.

Office/Tenant Finish

Our extensive experience in tenant finish and interior office work is widespread across several project types, and is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, from the square footage requirements, to the budget and timeline.

Medical / Laboratory

Our extensive experience with Medical and Laboratory projects makes TriCore a perfect partner for any future projects in this field. The staff at TriCore has worked with clients such as American Esoteric Laboratories, Millstone Medical, Smith Medical, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer on a multitude of different type projects.


TriCore has quickly earned a reputation as a premier resource for cost-effective, timely, and dependable industrial installation projects. From equipment foundations, to power-on of electrical services, and everything in between, we duct it, pipe it, and wire it. Whether you’re moving equipment, or reconfiguring the way you do business, TriCore is the single source for your total industrial contracting needs.


TriCore is a full-service commercial remodeling company. Our skilled team of subcontractors can complete your project with ease and expertise. We perform numerous services ranging from small office renovations to complete building overhauls. No renovation project is too large or small for our team.

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